Who We Are

The good practices that build our company.

“Our mission is to create, develop and invest in companies that build a healthy ecosystem of digital assets and blockchain in Brazil. We will do this through our expertise in structuring and providing financial support to the companies that make up the crypto assets market.”

- Fernando Carvalho
Founder and CEO

Accelerate the evolution of a healthy ecosystem in the Brazilian digital assets market. We carry out our mission by building and supporting companies that promote a harmonious regulatory environment between the traditional market and the blockchain industry.

Be the epicenter of blockchain investments in Brazil. Understanding that our industry is at an important maturation phase, we want to build an institutional environment for decentralizing technologies, always adding good regulatory practices to the crypto market.

Our commitment is to promote initiatives that use blockchain technology and, with that, level up the security and transparency of your personal data in a public space, such as the internet. We build and support decentralizing solutions because we understand that blockchain is inseparable from the future of personal finances for each Brazilian.

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